KOJI SHIBAZAKI, Nightface Series Washi Paper Lighting Exhibition

December 20th(Thu) – 30th(sun), 2018, 11am–7pm

at Ossam Gallery 

OPENING RECEPTION : December 22th(Sat), 2018 4pm–6pm


OSSAM Gallery, 11am–7pm, (Monday–Thursday, By appointment)

300–302 7th Street Brooklyn NY 11215

Tel: (347) 987-3217

e-mail: info@j-collabo.org


このたび、柴崎幸次は、NYブルックリンのOSSAM Galleryにて、2018年12月20日から30日まで展覧会を行います。月曜から木曜はBy appointmentです。ご連絡をお願いいたします。

Tel: (347) 987-3217 e-mail: info@j-collabo.org

I will exhibit at the OSSAM Gallery of NY Brooklyn from 20th to 30th December.

Please contact Monday to Thursday. (Monday–Thursday, By appointment)

今回のNYでの展覧会は、NYのj-collabo.orgでの 〝Winner of Annual Group Exhibition〟という賞を頂き、個展の開催となりました。



About Nightface Series

The Nightface Series constitutes works of art that create a unique visual effect of light being emitted in alternating patterns through specially prepared washi, traditional Japanese paper made from the inner layers of Kozo bark. When placed unlit in a room with natural light, Nightface lamps add an elegant artistic touch on account of the special way in which the paper has been prepared. And when lit while placed in a dark surrounding, they become sculptures of light that fascinate as much as they trick the eye on account of optical illusions, an effect that intensifies in a darker environment.

The Nightface Series uses washi paper made from kozo and gampi (bushes whose fiber has been used in papermaking for centuries) treated with wood ash. When used in lamps, paper prepared in this way assumes a warm natural sheen as the light emanates in an alternating pattern.

Rooms in the modern Japanese home are often fitted out with bright lighting systems. By contrast, it is interesting to note the lingering fascination with more subtle forms of lighting, such as the andon (a lamp with a paper shade) which are often found in traditional Japanese houses with fusuma or shoji, papered sliding doors.

I hope that the Nightface Series will help to rekindle the aesthetic sense underlying a very special lifestyle.

「Nightface Series」は、和紙を何層にも重ね貼りし、透過した光の陰影の差で不思議な立体感を創出する照明器具である。この作品は明るい場所に置くと和紙に包まれた白い箱に見えるが、暗い環境で内部の照明を灯すと複雑な“だまし絵”のような立体感が現れ、より暗い環境になると立体感はさらにリアルで迫真性が表現される。和紙は楮や雁皮の灰煮和紙を使用し、重ね貼りによる照明の光に和紙そのもの色味を生かし陰影を表現している。



Aichi University of the Arts Faculty of Art, Department of Design and Craft